CNET News.com: Linux firms beef up services, e-commerce plans

Two major sellers of the Linux operating system are
updating their strategies for making money off the open-source,
Unix-like software.

“Red Hat, which has the largest market share, according to
analysts, is expanding its support services to cover other
open-source software besides Linux.”

“In open-source programming, software blueprints may be freely
shared and modified. The Linux operating system is one example, but
Red Hat now will begin supporting the Apache Web server software
and the Sendmail email software.”

“And Red Hat competitor Caldera Systems has revamped its
approach to become more closely tied with specific e-commerce
software packages, chief executive Ransome Love said. The company
will work to increase its sales through “value-added resellers,”
the companies that bundle up hardware and software packages for
customers who don’t want to assemble the components