CNET News.com: Microsoft ships trial version of embedded Whistler OS

“IDC analyst Al Gillen noted that Windows CE competes
head-to-head with other “hard-core” embedded operating systems,
such as Wind River Systems’ VxWorks and embedded versions of Linux,
more than Windows NT Embedded or Whistler Embedded does.”

“Microsoft calls this (Windows NT Embedded/Whistler Embedded)
’embedded’ because it’s not designed to be configured by the end
user,” Gillen said. Windows NT Embedded/Whistler Embedded are
bigger and more resource-intensive than are most embedded operating
systems, he added.”

“Embedded versions of Windows have a host of competitors from
established companies such as Wind River and comparative newcomers
advocating Linux. Microsoft has a different financial approach from
these companies, though. Embedded operating system companies
typically receive a large portion of revenue from the consulting
and support fees required to customize the operating system and
other software for the device being designed.”

“Microsoft, though, charges a fixed fee for the
programming tools needed to adapt Windows to the device being built
and then charges manufacturers for each device sold
, Hoppe
said. This approach is the polar opposite of most embedded
Linux companies, such as Red Hat or Monta Vista Software, which
charge only for development and support costs.”


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