CNET News.com/Reuters: IBM inks slew of wireless deals

“The giant computer maker said it had teamed with global handset
leader Nokia, Motorola and palmtop computer leader Palm on portable
devices. It will also work with chip leader Intel and Cisco
Systems, the giant maker of equipment that powers the Internet, and
with Symbian, the Psion-led alliance whose EPOC operating system
leads in handheld devices.”

“IBM said it aims to speed up the development of true open
systems to foster the growth of the wireless Internet market, which
it said analysts see growing to $120 billion in three to four years
from its present $10 billion.”

“As is the norm in today’s industry, none of the ties are
exclusive. The forms of cooperation vary from partner to partner
but center around sharing know-how in what IBM said was a bid to
create a fully open community to spur the wireless Web.”

“IBM said it and its partners aim to foster an ‘open-source’
community in wireless–like the Internet-based incubator for the
Linux computer operating system–to speed up development of open
systems, and it is already sharing know-how.”

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