CNET News.com: Sun urges August deadline in server wars

“Sun Microsystems is urging that the negotiations between two
high-profile camps attempting to define the next internal
architecture for server systems be finished by August, or the
negotiations be dropped altogether…”

“One thing all parties agree on is that they need a
successor to
the current technology, the PCI bus,
which companies say isn’t fast enough and is responsible for many
computer crashes.

Sun’s deadline tactic puts pressure on IBM, Compaq Computer, and
Hewlett-Packard, which advocate a system called Future I/O. That
system is pitted against Next-Generation Input/Output, or NGIO,
backed by Intel, Sun, and Dell Computer.”

“Future I/O and NGIO representatives said talks continue on a
daily basis and that both sides agree they would like to come up
with a single specification.”