CNET News.com: TurboLinux boasts of strong growth in Japan

“But there are some caveats that indicate the dominance
isn’t quite as strong as TurboLinux announced.

“…retail sales of its Linux version accounted for 24 percent
of the sales during the week… In comparison, Microsoft’s Windows
98–including upgrades–amounted to 22 percent…”

“However, including academic versions of Windows 98, that number
rises to about 30 percent… In addition, International Data
Corporation analyst Dan Kusnetzky warned that looking at the first
week that a new software product goes on the market isn’t
necessarily a good long-term measurement. ‘There is almost always a
peak very early on, and then it slows down,’ he said. ‘You can have
a high point that isn’t necessarily followed through with shipments
after that.’ “