CNET News.com: TurboLinux gets staked more than $50 million

More than a dozen companies, including Dell, Compaq, BEA
Systems and a host of Japanese titans, have invested more than $50
million in TurboLinux, as the Linux gold rush rolls on.

“The investors include a wide range of hardware and software
companies, sources familiar with the plan said. Others on the long
list include Seagate, Santa Cruz Operation, Novell, Toshiba and
NEC. The announcement is set to come Monday, sources familiar with
the plan told CNET News.com.”

“TurboLinux sells Linux augmented with its own software, a
proprietary product that makes it easier to group lots of Linux
servers together to deliver Web pages. These “Web server farms”
linked through TurboLinux’s technology consist of dozens or
sometimes hundreds of computers and are one popular use for Linux.
TurboLinux is expanding from its stronghold of Japan into Chinese
and North American markets.”

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