CNET News.com: TurboLinux unveils system for Intel’s Itanium chip

“TurboLinux has become the first company to release a test
version of the increasingly popular Linux operating system for
Intel’s delayed Itanium chip.”

“The version, at this point a very raw collection of the Linux
kernel along with bundled software and a less inconvenient
installation, is significant for companies who want to move their
software to Linux and Intel’s future flagship chip design.”

“Although TurboLinux was the first, it likely won’t be alone for
long. The other major Linux sellers–Red Hat, SuSE and Caldera
Systems–are expected to come out with their own versions

“Even Microsoft is paying attention; it was one of the
companies that downloaded
the TurboLinux OS, said Lonn
Johnston, TurboLinux vice president of corporate

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