CNET News.com: VA Linux thinks thin with new servers

“VA Linux Systems, a computer maker that concentrates on
building and customizing Linux servers, has released a new model
designed to be stacked as tightly as possible.”

“The FullOn 2×2 has two Pentium processors and is 3.5 inches
tall–a height of 2 “U” in the lingo of those who bolt computers to
racks to cram as many as possible in a given amount of floor space.
One expected use for the system: serving up Web pages to Internet

The FullOn 2x2s cost between $2,825 and $18,787. They can
accommodate as much as 180GB of data storage space spread across
five hard disks. The innards of the servers can be accessed without
tools, and drives can be removed and added without having to turn
the system off
, VA said.”

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