CNET News.com: Will Compaq cut back [Tru64] Unix plans?

“Compaq has committed to releasing the Tru64 version of Unix
for Intel’s 64-bit ‘Merced’ chips, but industry observers suspect
the computer company won’t go through with that plan.
reversal would pare Compaq’s product line–but also indicate how
difficult it is for Compaq to pursue several development and
marketing plans.

The decision would mirror the end of the development of Windows
NT and its successor, Windows 2000, for use on Compaq’s Alpha chip,
a move that led Compaq to dismiss about 100 engineers. ‘They have
too many operating systems on too many different platforms for it
to be cost-effective for them,’ said Technology Business Research
analyst Lindy Lesperance.

“I think Compaq is going to back away from anything it doesn’t
believe is a slam dunk,” even though many of the technical problems
have already been solved and the new version of Tru64 Unix is good,
added Terry Shannon, author of the Shannon Knows Compaq
newsletter. Compaq executives were not available for comment.”

” ‘Based on Compaq’s behavior over the last month, anything they
don’t talk about is suspect,’ Shannon said.”

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