CNET News: Commentary: The Linux alternative for PDAs

“User organizations must understand that reducing OS
license costs for PDAs has minimal impact and that Linux PDAs offer
fewer applications than either Palm or Pocket PC. In comparing
processor speed, memory, flash and above all screen quality, it
makes little difference in overall cost whether the device is
powered by Palm OS, Pocket PC or Linux. Applications are the key
concern, and businesses should focus on the types of applications
(managing personal information, automating a sales force, managing
customer relationships and so on) they need and should select and
release PDAs accordingly.

On that basis, enterprise users (ranging from large corporations
to professional offices) seeking general-purpose PDAs to support
pervasive computing will be better served by either Pocket PC or
Palm OS choices, depending on their specific needs, with Pocket PC
devices offering overall greater expandability and power at a
higher price.

Linux PDAs will find a role only in situations where companies
need a highly customized or specialized system, or one in which
devices will be distributed to extremely large numbers of users,
such as fast-food outlets.”


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