CNET News: Dell Unhooks Windows from Desktops

“The PC maker next month will introduce n-Series corporate
desktop and workstations that ship without Microsoft’s Windows, or
any other operating system, pre-installed.

“The new desktops appear to be a slick interpretation of
Microsoft’s new licensing terms and a way to navigate customer
demand for PCs without an OS installed. The Microsoft licensing
terms, which were put in place on Aug. 1, specify that PC makers
must ship PCs with an operating system. The new policy exists to
prevent piracy and to better track OS shipments.

“With the n-Series, Dell will include a copy of a free operating
system–FreeDOS–inside the cardboard box. However, the OS will not
be pre-installed, so customers will not have to worry about
reconfiguring their machines should they want to use a different


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