Cold Fusion Stub For Apache goes to Beta

Deskjock writes:

This just in from Don Rude:

Allaire has finally released some real code for
ColdFusion running on Linux.

They have a
that explains whats going on which includes a beta site where you can login (u:
linuxstub p:cfweb) and download the code.

I’ve downloaded it and looked at what is provided… it’s an
Apache module that currently only has the ability to pass the CFM
request to a “real” CF enabled server. Looks like a good start to

Thanks for filling out that survey. I plan on supplying this
list of e-mails to Allaire in case they want to pull together more
beta testers etc. This is the last e-mail you will receive from me
about this survey, I just wanted to let everyone know about this
breaking news.