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AUUG (formerly the Australian Unix User’s Group) is one of the
longest-standing and respected Unix professional societies
worldwide, and has a very strong leaning towards the technical
aspects of Linux and BSD Unix.

The AUUG Annual Conference will be held in Melbourne, Australia,
4, 5 and 6 September 2002. The Conference will be preceded by three
days of tutorials, to be held on 1, 2 and 3 September 2002. The
Programme Committee invites proposals for papers and tutorials
relating to:

  • Cluster Computing
  • Managing Distributed Networks
  • Performance Management and Measurement
  • Open Source Systems Administration Tools
  • System and Application Monitoring
  • Security in the Enterprise
  • Technical aspects of Computing
  • Networking in the Enterprise
  • Business Experience and Case Studies
  • Open Source projects
  • Business cases for Open Source
  • Technical aspects of Unix, Linux and BSD variants
  • Open Systems or other operating systems
  • Computer Security
  • Networking, Internet (including the World Wide Web).

Presentations may be given as tutorials, technical papers, or
management studies. Technical papers are designed for those who
need in-depth knowledge, whereas management studies present case
studies of real-life experiences in the conference’s fields of

A written paper, for inclusion in the conference proceedings
must accompany all presentations.

Speakers may select one of two presentation formats:

Technical presentation:

A 30-minute talk, with 10 minutes for questions.

Management presentation:

A 25-30 minute talk, with 10-15 minutes for questions (i.e. a
total 40 minutes).

Panel sessions will also be timetabled in the conference and
speakers should indicate their willingness to participate, and may
like to suggest panel topics. Tutorials, which may be of either a
technical or management orientation, provide a more thorough
presentation, of either a half-day or full-day duration.


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