ComputerWorld: Guilty Verdict Could Boost Linux Fortunes

An exclusive Computerworld poll found that 11% of
corporations surveyed were more likely to consider other operating
systems because of last week’s verdict. Linux overwhelmingly was
the alternative operating system mentioned most often, with 73% of
the vote.

“In the future, it will be easier to sell non-Microsoft
solutions to upper management,” said Rocco Esposito, information
technology director at window-shade maker Hunter Douglas Inc. in
Broomfield, Colo. Esposito currently uses Solaris and NetWare as
well as Windows NT but has no plans for Linux.”

“Leading figures of the Linux world believe the rapid rise of
Linux during the past two years has been aided by the Microsoft
trial. “Without the trial, you would not have had the OEMs so
openly embrace other platforms,” said Ransom Love, president and
CEO of Linux vendor Caldera Systems Inc. in Orem, Utah.”

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