ComputerWorld: Pretty Good Privacy creator resigns from Network Associates

…In the past three years, NAI has developed a different
vision for PGP’s future, and it’s time for me to move on to other
projects more fitting with my own objectives to protect personal
privacy,” wrote Zimmermann, who has served as senior fellow at the
company since 1997. “New senior management [at Network Associates]
assumed control of PGP Security in the final months of 2000, and
decided to reduce how much PGP source code they would

“In an interview with Computerworld, Zimmermann said he thinks
Network Associates will publish some source code but he just
doesn’t know how much.”

“Sandra England, president of PGP Security, said nothing has
changed. The company is committed to publishing the encryption
algorithms and all portions of the source code related to
encryption, she said.”

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