Computerworld: Samba hot at Linux conference

“Samba is the hot topic at the moment among Linux users,
with huge demand for places for the tutorial at CALU 1999 – the
Linux Users Conference held at Monash University in Melbourne over
the weekend.”

“Chaired by its author Andrew Tridgell, the tutorial was aimed
at helping users understand networks better and provided tools to
debug some of the trickier problems that arise when dealing with
complex SMB networks.”

“Quite a conference; was the verdict given on CALU 1999 by
Nathan Bailey, president of Linux Users Victoria (LUV). While no
aggressive marketing campaign accompanied the leadup to the event,
it was well attended according to Bailey.”

“Of 240 people registered, 25 per cent were university students,
17 per cent were corporate delegates and the remainder were
individual users.”

“The growth in popularity of Linux can also be seen from the
swelling numbers reported by LUV alone – from 300 at the end of
1998 to 700 members. “Most of these are home users; Bailey

“However, the biggest growth has been in universities. Rather
than buy supercomputers, university departments have started using
parallel computing with a number of PCs and Linux, which costs an
order of magnitude less,” Bailey said.”

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