ComputerWorld: Sun walks tightrope with licensees over Java control

“Sun wants to retain sufficient control over Java to ensure
compatibility across all vendors’ products, and to allow it to
shape the technology in accordance with its vision
, said Mark
Driver, an analyst at Gartner Group Inc. in Stamford, Conn. A
few of Sun’s Java licensees, most notably IBM, are demanding a more
democratic process
to ensure that Sun can’t add features to
Java in the future that best suit its own products and

” ‘Sun has taken the benevolent dictator approach, where you
have to believe Sun won’t proprietize Java in the future. (IBM)
wants to see a formal process that gives them legal recourse to
prevent Sun from doing that,’ Driver said.”

“JCP 2.0 is Sun’s attempt to resolve that conflict, Sun
officials said.”

” ‘What we’ve been doing with JCP 2.0 is trying to (strike) a
balance — to ensure that compatibility is maintained, that
the technology evolves quickly, and that the process is as open as
possible,’ the Sun spokeswoman said.