Connect your android galaxy tablet to ubuntu via usb

To tell the truth, when i first bought my galaxy tablet i was lost and i spent hours on forums searching about a solution. Most of people which answer the question will tell you to remove your sd card from your android device and plug it into a card reader recognized by ubuntu, but they forget the fact that removing sd card from the device is very hard and frustrating thing to do. They forget another fact, the fact that the question is about transfering files via usb. For a geek, solving this kind of problem is fun and easy, but not for the normal user that is searching for a fast solution and does not want to spend his/her time learning about file transfer protocols and other ‘advanced’ stuff. Another way you can use to transfer files between your android device and ubuntu is via wireless, but i will not explain it in this article. The android device i will use for testing in this article is my galaxy 2 7.0 tablet and the host os is ubuntu 13.04 . After you connect your device to ubuntu linux, transfering file is very easy, all you need to know is how to copy and paste files.