Corel Computer Announces Hardware Services Agreement with Wang Global

Corel Computer today announced the signing of a preferred
provider service agreement that will give Corel Computer customers
access to Wang Global’s worldwide staff of more than 15,000
engineers and technicians. As a result of the agreement, Corel
Computer customers will benefit from an expanded level of support
and service.

“It is the quality and scope of Wang Global’s services and the
great performance benefits that they bring to our customers that
has enabled this agreement to be established,” said Ron McNab,
general manager of Corel Computer. “We can now be more responsive
to the needs of our North American and International customers as a
result of Wang Global’s web-based tracking and online

With this agreement in place, Corel Computer intends to offer a
package of services to its major customers that would include:
onsite support, installation and warranty services. The
relationship with Wang Global will cover Corel Computer’s
CorelVIDEO(tm) and NetWinder(tm) product lines, which merge
computing and communications on the user desktop.

“Wang Global’s agreement with Corel Computer both showcases our
international capability and emphasizes our core competency in
multi-vendor hardware services and support. The combination of
Corel Computer’s CorelVIDEO videoconferencing and NetWinder network
computing technologies is an ideal fit with Wang Global’s
expertise”” said Wang Global Canada’s VP of Sales, Jean
Charbonneau. “Wang Global is pleased to be associated with Corel
Computer high quality products, which offer not only high
performance for low cost of ownership, but also ease of use in a
networked environment.”