CORRECTION: The New York LUGs are NOT merging

The earlier story that the
NYLUG and LUNY groups are merging turns out to be incorrect.

After we posted Matthew Hunt’s release about the merge, Jim
Gleason contacted us in an effort to straighten out this apparant

Jim, the President of the New York Linux Users Group, wrote in
with this:

This is untrue information.

The NYLUG (www.nylug.org) holds its meetings every third
Wednesday of the month and are sponsored by IBM. Monthly meetings
are held in the main IBM building on 57th & Madison. There are
two active mailing lists: nylug-talk and nylug-announce. At last
meeting, there were about 80 attendees.

LXNY is another active user group (www.lxny.org), originally
founded by Bob Young in 1994 but now supports all free software,
not just Linux.

If anyone is interested in the New York Linux Users Group,
please feel free to contact me.

By the time we posted this story, Matthew Hunt had not returned
a request for comment. Readers should be warned that until Matthew
verifies otherwise, it should be known that the President of the
NYLUG has denied the merger ever occurred.