Could MATE Be the Savior of the GNOME 2 Linux Interface?

“It’s true: Try as I have, I just can’t learn to love Unity. The
concept itself is fine and I can even live with its biting lack of
customizability, but I just can’t take the bugginess anymore.
Random things happen when I try to switch between applications
— trying to open recently used files via the dash launches
Nautilus instead, and the whole thing just generally doesn’t work
the way I need it to on a production machine.

True, these may be bugs related to my particular configuration.
Also, I should be a good open source citizen by filing reports on
Launchpad and all that. But I tend to neglect my civic duties, and
I’m tired of blaming myself for the shortcomings of software that I
didn’t engineer. I just need stuff to work — like it did in
GNOME 2 — and Unity doesn’t.

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