Coulier.org: Mandriva Linux 2006 for Home Users

From Part 2:

“What can a Linux distribution such as Mandriva Linux 2006 mean
to a Windows user? Is it a valuable alternative, or do you have to
be a real computer nerd to risk the move?

“Why would an average PC user make the effort to change over to
Linux? Admitted, not necessarily everyone will benefit from such a
move. But it might be a lot more interesting than you might
suspect. A lot of arguments regarding this topic often lead to a
lot of debate. In this article we do not pretend to own the truth
or to be complete. This article just sums up our own experiences
after several years of use of as well Windows as Mandriva Linux. We
wrote them with our Mandriva experiences in mind, but most modern
Linux distributions offer the same benefits…”