CPU Review: Mandrake 6.1 Power Pack: A First Look

[ Thanks to Bill
for this link. ]

“It has been just over three and a half months since I’ve
reviewed Mandrake 6.0… and they already have a follow-up release,
Mandrake 6.1…”

The Mandrake Power Pack distribution also offers 100 days
of free fax and e-mail installation support; something worth
considering for new users.

“The difference between “Workstation”, “Server” and “Custom”
install is covered in sufficient detail that a new user can make a
sensible decision; they even cover more advanced partitioning
configurations (such as separate /home, /boot, /opt etc.) in some
detail. Package selection is also covered, however the selection of
what services to run and how to configure the printer is a bit