CRN: Top 25 Executives: Linus Torvalds

“While few are making any money off Linux, even those in the
Microsoft-heavy channel seem to like Linus Torvalds….”

“The father of the Linux kernel may have accumulated enough
respect and popularity among readers to get him elected to public
office, but not to a board seat. VARs still want Torvalds to
“show them the money,” and are skeptical he and his posse can
deliver on that side of the equation.

He plays an important role, but he is not the answer to making
Linux a commercially viable product,” says Howard Diamond,
president of Corporate Software & Technology Inc., Norwood,
Mass. “Clearly, we have looked at alternatives to Microsoft and
though I like Linux . . . I haven’t figured out how to make Linux a
profitable part of my business,” Diamond says.”