Crunchbang Monara based on lastknown Crunchbang release.

Monara is a light and fast operating system based on Debian 8.1 base, built on the Openbox window manager with #! tweaks.

CrunchBang released its last stable distro in May 2013, and the stoppage od its development had been announced on Feb. 2015. Monara is offered to users as a continuation of #! on the new Debian 8 base. It is a Live DVD. Test it before you install it. The Installer icon is in File Manager. Just click on it and follow the directions. Debian 8 would be supported by the Debian LTS Team till April/May 2020, so all you have to do is periodically update and upgrade Monara using Apt-get. Debian is quite stable. sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. You don’t have to re-install it until the release of next Debian 9! Enjoy!