Database Journal: Migration to MySQL with SQLyog ver 4.1

“With the release of Webyog’s flagship product, SQLyog
Enterprise version 4.1, a new ODBC ‘Power Tool’ is introduced that
replaces the old ‘ODBC import tool.’ Starting with SQLyog version
4.2 it was re-named ‘SQLyog Migration Tool,’ so this is the term
that I will use in this text. This is not just a new name for
something old that comes in a new bottle–the Migration Tool has
been completely rewritten. It is all completely new code, but
– more important to users–it offers a wide range of new
possibilities. The term ‘ODBC-import’ to me means, ‘Fetching some
external data into MySQL.’ ‘Migration’ is much more than that–it
imports not only data but also indexes (‘ordinary’ indexes, Primary
Keys, Foreign Keys–all that used to be called ‘metadata’), and it
provides a large set of options for (almost) any situation…”