Database Journal: MySQL Stored Procedures [Parts 1 & 2]

From Part 1:

“MySQL 5.0 finally introduces functionality for Stored
Procedures. So what exactly are stored procedures? That is the kind
of question that gets database professionals who use other DBMS’s
raising their eyebrows. Stored procedures have been integral to
Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB-2, MS-SQL server and others for years, and
it has long been a sore point that MySQL has not had them. But
there is no snobbery here – if you are a MySQL newbie, or have been
using MySQL for years and want to find out what all the fuss is
about, read on. If it is your eyebrows that are raised, and you
just want to know how MySQL implements them, you will be relieved
to know MySQL stored procedures are very similar to the DB2
implementation, as both are based on the SQL:2003 standard…”

Complete Story
(Part 1)

Complete Story
(Part 2)

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