Datamation: Apache server professionals – IT Salary Tracker

The demand for open source know-how has spread like a
persistent vine over the tool shed of applications. Was it only
back in September 1999 that the Dice database listed a total of
1,295 open source job listings? Last month we counted 4,250, an
almost 400% increase.
That’s why we’re running a month-long
series of salary charts on open source applications, beginning this
week with Apache jobs. In coming weeks, you’ll find similar charts
on Linux, Perl, and Sendmail.”

“Apache has really taken off. In four months, there’s been a
more than six-fold increase in Apache jobs, to 258 nationwide.
Silicon Valley has the greatest number of jobs availabile, with 88.
The numbers reflect an average salary of $70,600 a year and an
average hourly contract rate of $62.50. San Francisco is the best
place to be salaried, at $85,000 a year on average. New York and
Silicon Valley tie for highest contract rate at an average of $90
an hour each.”