Dave Farquhar: A Windows Author Reviews Linux-Mandrake 7.0

[ Thanks to Dave
for this link. ]

“Mandrake has always aimed to be a better Red Hat than Red Hat,
and this time, I think it succeeds. This may be the Linux release
that makes this Windows author forget about Windows….”

Kudos to Mandrake for taking security seriously. Mandrake
has security levels, ranging from Cracker Heaven to Paranoid.
Mandrake also permits you to tell it what kind of work you intend
to do with your Linux box, and selects appropriate packages by
If you’re using Advanced or Expert configuration, you
can even choose individual packages….”

“Skirting US export laws, once you get networking up and going,
Mandrake provides you with a list of overseas FTP servers from
which to download encryption software. This is a very nice added
feature–in this day and age, you should always install SSH as a
substitute for telnet access, but distributing SSH with Linux is a
thorny issue at best.”

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