DB2 Mag: Linux A Contender for The Enterprise Market

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

Long thought of as the free operating system, Linux today
boasts heavyweight features that let it take on even
enterprise-strength requirements.

“Linux is fast becoming the operating system of choice for
enterprise database users. Linux offers an environment that is
flexible, secure, and reliable. As the use of databases in
conjunction with enterprise solutions grows, system and database
administrators want to focus on customer solutions-not operating
and database systems. Linux offers system administrators the
comfort of a proven, enterprisewide operating system. From the
desktop to clustering server farms, Linux has attracted the loyalty
of several million developers and users worldwide because it frees
them to focus their attentions somewhere other than the operating

“I’ll explain why Linux is so well suited to enterprise-strength
requirements, and how DB2 Universal Database (UDB) for Linux
complements those strengths. But for the benefit of those readers
who may not be familiar with Linux, I’ll first provide some
background on what it is and why its die-hard core of supporters
continues to grow.”


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