Debian 5 Review

[ Thanks to Jim
for this link. ]

“I’ve written a lot of reviews of distros based on
Debian, but never a review of Debian itself. So this time around I
decided to look at Debian 5 (Lenny). Debian, if you aren’t familiar
with it, is the rock upon which popular distributions like Ubuntu
and MEPIS are built on. Sometimes folks who use a Debian-based
distribution aren’t even aware of what it is based on, and that’s a
shame because Debian itself has so much to offer.

“If you want a really good overview of Debian, be sure to read
the Wikipedia article about it.

“The Debian Project is governed by the Debian Constitution and
the Social Contract which set out the governance structure of the
project as well as explicitly stating that the goal of the project
is the development of a free operating system.[8][9] Debian is
developed by over one thousand volunteers from around the world and
supported by donations through several non-profit organizations
around the world. Most important of these is Software in the Public
Interest,[10] the owner of the Debian trademark and umbrella
organization for various other community free software