Debian 6 review

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“Debian 6.0, aka Debian “Squeeze”, is the latest stable
release of Debian. It was made available for download earlier this
month. In Debian country, a major release of this sort is a
once-in-a-very-long-time event, unlike other distributions where it
happens at least twice a year. This article provides a detailed
review of Debian Squeeze, and it marks the second review of a major
Debian release published on this website.

“Installation: The Debian Installer is one of the most versatile
you are ever going to find on any Linux distribution. It has an
ncurses mode, a text-based mode, and a fully graphical installation
mode. And there are Live media installation images, regular
installation images, and netinst images. A netinst image offers the
opportunity to install a system over the network. If you are going
to install from a Live ISO image, the boot menu methods available
to you are show in the image below.

“When I chose the “Live 686″ option, I encountered the
error shown in the image below at some point during


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