Debian Lenny: how to configure grub and fstab for updating multipath kernel init

[ Thanks to Andre Felipe Machado for
this link. ]

“High end x86 / amd64 machines may fail to boot updated
Debian GNU/Linux 5.x Lenny kernel images.

“Multiple fast CPUs, multiple fast network cards, multiple Fiber
Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBA), multiple SCSI arrays adapters, may
cause a boot failure of updated kernel images. Notably when you
have multipath, dm-raid, iSCSI or other device mapper ones, for

“High end fast machines may cause boot failures

“When you update your Debian GNU/Linux 5.x Lenny kernel package
and or execute an update-initramfs command to include a new device
driver, at the boot sequence you may get stuck at console messages

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