developerWorks: NFSv4 Delivers Seamless Network Access

[ Thanks to IdaAshley for this link.

“We take file systems for granted. We work on computers that
give us access to printers, cameras, databases, remote sensors,
telescopes, compilers, and mobile phones. These devices share few
characteristics–indeed, many of them became a reality only after
the Internet became universal (for example, cameras and mobile
phones that combine the functions of small computers). However,
they all need file systems of some type to store and order data

“Typically, we don’t really ask how the data, the applications
consuming it, and the interfaces presenting the data to us are
stored on the computers themselves. Most users would (not
unjustifiably) regard a file system as the wall separating them
from the bare metal storing bits and bytes. And the protocol stacks
connecting file systems usually remain black boxes to most users
and, indeed, programmers. Ultimately, however, internetworking all
these devices amounts to enabling communication between file

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