DevShed: The Soothingly Seamless Setup of Apache, SSL, MySQL, and PHP

[ Thanks to Randy
for this link. ]

Our goal is to install a web server that will allow us to
host multiple sites, some of which would be secure for e-commerce
solutions, and most of which would be driven via scripts to connect
to a DB server and extract its data.

“The tools for the JOB are:

  • Apache — A Web Server
  • Mod_SSL — A module for Secure Sockets Layer
  • OpenSSL — Open Source Toolkit (required for mod_ssl)
  • RSARef — Only for those in the US
  • MySQL — A Database Server
  • PHP — A Scripting Language”

“There are many avenues that lead to the same place… Hence
this is just one of the many configurations out there to do what we
want. I choose this because is one of the simplest and fastest. The
reason for the Mod_SSL/OpenSSL is because of prior experience with
it, being one of the fastest to configure and easiest to setup. I
chose PHP and MySQL for the ease of integration with Apache and
with one another. Remember, Perl could do any job you want it to.
However, PHP is simple and easy for any programmer to learn.”