Did Internet Explorer 9 Cheat In The SunSpider Bechmark?

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“A Mozilla engineer has uncovered something
embarrassing for Microsoft – Internet Explorer is cheating in
the SunSpider Benchmark. The SunSpider, although developed by
Apple, has nowadays become a very popular choice of benchmark for
the JavaScript engines of browsers.

“While Mozilla engineer Rob Sayre was benchmarking Firefox 4
with different browsers, he noticed something with Internet
Explorer 9 – Internet Explorer 9 was around 10 times faster
than the other browsers in a particular test (math-cordic) in the
SunSpider benchmark. While Chrome and Opera scored took around 10ms
in that test, Internet Explorer 9 finished it it in about 1ms.

“Update: We have changed the title of the story as some
commentators have rightly pointed out the previous one was too

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