Discovering Zorin OS

What was I to do? I finally discovered the key was with LXDE, but the distros I tried were still too beefy and bloated, still with that complicated Linux experience. Then I found the door to balance with Zorin OS 6 Lite.

It’s my favorite color, Blue, first of all. It’s simple, easy, sleek, smooth and speedy! It’s bundled with less programs than other LXDE distros. I don’t need to waist time uninstalling things I won’t use. The menu is very simple and very well laid out. I love to see that the lists have only what I use and not the more complex customization tools I will never use and are found in other distros.

Something really worth mentioning is that as LXDE distros are meant to be lightweight and take up little RAM. That hasn’t been quite the case with what I have tried.