Donovan Announces The Availability Of The First 64-bit UltraSPARC-driven Linux Server

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Penguin64, the first 64-bit Linux machine on the market to be unveiled at
the LinuxWorld Expo in San Jose on 2-4 March 1999

SINGAPORE - February 24, 1999 -- Donovan Systems Pte Ltd, the leading
manufacturer and provider of SPARC compatible systems and RAID subsystems
in Singapore, today unveiled the Penguin64^Ù, the first
commercially-supported 64-bit Linux server that provides Internet
connectivity, e-mail, fax and other Web and network file services for small
to medium-sized businesses and educational organizations.

"Donovan is the pioneer in offering a commercially-supported 64-bit Linux
system based on Sun's UltraSPARC technology," said Mun-Keong Foong, CEO of
Donovan Systems. "The Penguin64 is an ideal solution for businesses and
schools who are looking for a high-performance Linux servers or
workstations that are easy to use, scalable, upgradable, extensible, and
have a low cost of ownership."

Donovan's Penguin64 is built on Sun's Ultra AXi motherboard and powered
by a 300-MHz UltraSPARC-IIi processor with a fully integrated 512KB
external cache. It is completely upgradeable to a faster UltraSPARC-IIi
processor with speed of 333MHz, 360MHz and higher.  The system can support
up to 1GB of memory, enabling it to support memory-intensive applications
like RDBMS.

"We are pleased that Donovan, a leading system integrator of SPARC-based
systems in Asia, has built a high-performance UltraSPARC-based product
running the Linux operating system," said Marge Breya, vice president of
marketing for Sun Microsystems, Microelectronics. "With the addition of
Penguin64 to their product offering, Donovan can now offer its customers
the 64-bit performance advantage of either Solaris or Linux, the two
fastest growing enterprise operating environments."

With the built-in 10/100MB Fast Ethernet and Ultra-Wide SCSI, its unmatched
bandwidth performance is an ideal solution for network environment.
Penguin64 also support up to two 36GB 7,200 or 10,000 RPM Ultra-Wide SCSI
drives, with a maximum I/O throughput of up to 40MB/sec and three
front-accessible 5.25" SCSI devices such as CD-ROM, tape drive and optical
drive. It can also support the latest Ultra2 SCSI (80MB/sec) drives with
our optional PCI Ultra2 LVD host adapter.

Six 33/66MHz industry standard PCI slots provide an optimized I/O, while
allowing the user to utilize the growing variety of PCI-based adapter cards
available today. The Penguin64 can be easily converted into a workstation
by adding optional graphics card and monitor.

Software configuration
The Penguin64 is pre-loaded with the 64-bit UltraPenguin version 1.2
operating system.  UltraPenguin is the 64-bit version of Linux for SPARC.
Penguin64 is also 100% binary compliant with Solaris/SPARC operating

The first shipment of Penguin64 ships with enterprise utility and
application software like the Apache webserver, email server, fax server,
Samba, compilers, web browsers and more.  Subsequent versions will ship
with more software and applications like intranet applications,
High-Availability software and software RAID solutions developed by

Ideal Solution
Penguin64 is an ideal solution to a wide spectrum of users, from academics
to technical professionals, and from small-and-medium enterprises to
Internet service providers. It is the most inexpensive hardware solution to
develop and run any 64-bit Linux applications.

For the educational institutions, the Penguin64 presents a good academic
solution. The Penguin64 is a good machine for students to develop 64-bit
software projects. Students can have access to many development tools like
C, C++ and other compilers for free. Programs can be written in a 64-bit
architecture environment.

The Penguin64 also offers the ultimate solution for the small to
medium-sized businesses wanting to become more competitive by leveraging
Internet technology. As a robust enterprise internet, email, fax, file and
print server, the Penguin64 is an excellent solution especially for firms
looking for an enterprise solution, and are looking for an alternative to
expensive software systems to serve their enterprise and email needs. With
a high-performance 64-bit, 300MHz UltraSPARC-IIi CPU, it is able to
simultaneous serve up to 300 intranet users. Penguin64 is both a powerful
and inexpensive enterprise workgroup server.

Loaded with the world's best Apache webserver, the Penguin64 also presents
a viable solution for the internet service providers (ISPs) and web hosting
and services market. The Penguin64 boasts of the traditional robustness and
stability of the Linux operating system, as well as the reliability and
scalability of UltraSPARC hardware architecture. Donovan will develop
driver for Penguin64 to support V.35 interface to enable it to offer as a
complete internet server with leased-line support without incurring the
cost of expensive routers.

Price and Availability
The Penguin64 will be sold through distribution partners and
value-added resellers (VARs) as well as directly from Donovan. The product
is shipping now and the list price is US$2,999. As an introductory offer
till April 30th, 1999, it can be purchased at an introductory price of
US$2,499. For more information about price and availability, please contact
Donovan at +65-284-4300 or via the Web at www.donovan.com.sg.

About Donovan Systems Pte Ltd.
Founded in 1991, Donovan Systems Pte Ltd is the leading manufacturer of
SPARC compatible systems and RAID subsystems in Singapore. Donovan is the
world-first manufacturer to introduce a 64-bit Linux server based on
UltraSPARC technology. World-class technical support and service back the
company's products and customized professional services programs. The
company distributes internally developed products and selected products
from other manufacturers through a network of ASEAN sales offices and
through business affiliates in USA, Europe and Asia.

For more information, visit the company's web site at
http://www.donovan.com.sg or contact Donovan at:

          Donovan Systems Pte Ltd
          48 MacTaggart Road #11-02
          Singapore 368088
          Tel: (65) 284-4300
          Fax: (65) 282-7233
          email: [email protected]

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