dotcomma: Book Review: The C++ Programming Language

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for this link. ]

The C++ Programming Language is the definitive guide to
programming in C++. Written by the very author of C++, Bjarne
Stroustrup, it contains everything from the very basics of the
language to more advanced topics.
It is broken into four
parts. The first part, “Basic Facilities,” is an introduction to
the C++ programming languages, and introduces types, declarations,
pointers, arrays, functions, and structures. Part II, “Abstraction
Mechanisms,” focuses on classes, including the topics of classes,
operator overloading, derived classes, templates, exception
handling, and class hierarchies. Part III, “The Standard Library,”
introduces (you guessed it!) the standard library, which is
included in C++ compilers for use in programs. Finally, Part IV,
“Design Using C++” discusses the development and design of good C++

“The C++ Programming Language is an excellent reference book. It
encompasses nearly every aspect of the C++ programming language and
displays this information in neatly organized chapters and
subchapters. When a difficult or not yet explained topic is
encountered, the book provides a reference to the appropriate are
of the book, using the notation §1.2.3 to indicate Chapter 1,
section 2, subsection 3. This makes it easy to find what you are
looking for in the book, and access to a great amount of
information. Everything explained in an understandable.”


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