Doug Holland: XFree86 Font Deuglification Mini HOW-TO

[ Thanks to Joshua
for this link. ]

How to fix ugly and unreadable X Window font

“One of the most annoying sets of problems I have had to deal
with is the abysmal default fonts and font settings of X (I’m
talking specifically about XFree86, other versions of X may be
better.) Many programs use fixed width default fonts when a
variable width font would be more appropriate. Other programs use
fonts that are ridiculously tiny and unreadable. The fonts that are
bundled with XFree86 are barely adequate for the job. It does come
with a halfway decent courier font, but its Times and Helvetica
fonts are simple bitmap fonts that pixelize when they are scaled.

“This HOW-TO attempts to show how to adjust various font
settings, install new fonts, and do other things that will greatly
improve the appearance and readability of fonts on the X Window
Desktop. This is done by adjusting the FontPath in the XF86Config
file, by adding switches to X server command line in startx or xdm,
by adding new fonts, by installing the TrueType font server xfstt,
and by using a feature in the K Desktop Environment 1.1 that
automagically adjusts font settings in many applications, including
non-KDE apps to set their fonts and colors to match KDE’s style