Drupal 6 Keeps Getting Better

“Drupal is a modular content management system. It allows a user
or group of users to construct Web sites, blogs, or forums by
providing the framework for users with little or no PHP or database
experience. It grows more popular with each new release because it
becomes easier to use each new release. Drupal 6.0 (and 6.1) were
recently released after a year of development. The new features and
improvements make for an impressive content management

“The beauty of Drupal is how highly customizable it is. The more
PHP you know, the more powerful it becomes. But even if you don’t
know any PHP you can build and run a great-looking site by
utilizing Drupal’s many built-in and contributed modules as well as
the various themes. Some of the sites running Drupal include Warner
Brothers Records, Popular Science, and The Onion…”