Duke of URL: AOpen AX64 Pro-Tested on Linux!

[ Thanks to Patrick
for this link. ]

“When you hear AOpen, odds are the other A-Brands come to mind.
Abit and Asus. What AOpen has in common, is that is it constantly
redefining the industry along with Abit and Asus. All three brands
are almost exclusively jumperless, offer every chipset you could
imagine, and pride themselves on stability.”

“Where AOpen commonly sets itself apart is stability. Just like
the AX6BC, which is just about the best motherboard I have EVER had
the pleasure to test, this board looks to offer outstanding
performance in a cutting-edge chipset while doing it with
rock-solid stability you can count on.”

We can tell they have a certain amount of pride in their
motherboards. After all, your system is only as fast as your
slowest component-and the motherboard is the kind of bottleneck
that can really hurt a machine’s pride.

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