Duke of URL: Like a Phoenix From the Ashes [Soyo SY-K7VTA Motherboard Review]

[ Thanks to Patrick
for this link. ]

“While it is a little cheesy, Soyo adds a little option called
“Doctor Voice.” It’s pretty handy in the sense that you don’t need
to go and look up exactly what those system beeps mean. I’ll admit,
I was a little scared when I first heard it, but after the initial
shock, I appreciated it a lot. No longer do I need to scour the
internet for inaccurate descriptions of what they beeps do — I
have someone telling me!”

“When browsing the web for prices, I found that the Soyo
SY-K7VTA was one of the lowest priced KT133 motherboards out there.
This came as a surprise, since most motherboards with the option
for multiplier manipulation will cost you a bit more. Typically
motherboards with these kind of options cost somewhere in the
$130-$150 range, and sometimes even more upon release. In addition
to this, they give you on-board sound, something that often costs a
little bit more. I’ll be the first to admit I used to hate this,
but now it works great with Linux, FreeBSD as well as Windows and
can often save you the price of a sound card if you don’t mind
spending a little of your processor time.”

“As long as you’re using good RAM, the SY-K7VTA is rock-solid.
I’ve found that not even my Asus or Abit motherboards could measure
up to the stability I found here. Yes, it can be a bit tricky
finding that RAM that works just right, but you can probably afford
to spend a little more on your RAM for the price this motherboard
costs. Still, I should note that other KT133 tend to have this same
problem, as well.”


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