E-Commerce Times: E-Commerce Site Brings Linux to Mainstream Consumers

“EBIZ Enterprises… this week announced the availability of its
Personal Internet Appliance (PIA), a sub-$200 (US$) Linux-based
computer system aimed at the consumer who may not yet be an
experienced Internet user. …will be available through the
company’s e-commerce Web site, TheLinuxStore.com.”

” ‘We have taken a quantum step forward in being able to provide
reliable, low-cost computing and Internet access to every home,
student and business professional,’ added Jeffrey Rassas, CEO of
EBIZ. ‘Linux has proven its strength, performance and
reliability in the technical community, and within the server
market… We are pioneering the market’s efforts to bring it to
mainstream America.’

EBIZ, a manufacturer and distributor of e-commerce systems, is
negotiating with financial institutions, Internet Service Providers
(ISPs) and retail chains in order to be able to provide a bundled
PIA for $19.95 a month. The fact that the operating system (OS)
being factory installed on the PIA is Linux means users will be
able to access thousands of freeware and shareware software
programs, additionally keeping their costs minimal.”