E-Commerce Times: Mandrake and LinuxOne Bring Open-Source To China

“Linux vendor MandrakeSoft announced a strategic partnership
with LinuxOne this week. They intend to develop Chinese language
business and personal software solutions, advancing the cause of
open-source in a potentially explosive Internet and computing

Under terms of the partnership, MandrakeSoft and LinuxOne — a
newly formed Mountain View, California-based developer firm — are
set to launch an open-source development center in
The Linux distribution will focus on Chinese market
specific features in an attempt to establish itself in a region not
yet dominated by Microsoft-centric software solutions.”

“AXA Placement Innovation, the investment fund of AXA, recently
completed an equity investment in MandrakeSoft. Peter Bieliczky of
the AXA Investment Managers Group, commented that his firm
‘believes that MandrakeSoft is poised to be a dominant player in
the emerging but potentially huge Linux market.’ “