E-Commerce Times: TurboLinux Powers Japanese E-Commerce Giant

“Open-source based software solutions provider TurboLinux on
Tuesday announced that its server product has been deployed, along
with a cluster of IBM Netfinity 5000 Servers, to power one of
Japan’s largest consumer e-commerce Web sites.”

“DEODEO, a Japan-based consumer electronics, software and music
retailer, has joined a rising number of companies in the
Asia-Pacific market that have chosen Linux-based technologies to
fuel online business initiatives. Linux, which is a UNIX variant
operating system, offers open-source code and, arguably, a lower
total cost of ownership.”

“According to International Data Corp. (IDC), the Japanese
market is taking the Linux OS seriously. The number of Linux-based
servers in Japan is expected hit 65,000 by 2003, an extraordinary
increase over the 1998 total of 2,200.”