Easy, powerful, stable: Pick two with OpenShot 1.3

“OpenShot is a video editor for Linux that aspires to be simple,
powerful, and “the very best open source video editor.” OpenShot
1.3, which was released on February 13, brings it a little closer
to that goal. This release brings a theme for the UI, support for
adding multiple clips, new 3D animations, and a wizard for
uploading video directly to YouTube or Vimeo. It may be the best
open source video editor, but only if one is willing to overlook
some stability issues.

“Video editing is an area where Linux has lagged somewhat behind
Windows and Mac OS X. This isn’t to say that Linux users have had
no options for editing video on Linux, but the selection of tools
is not as broad, nor in many cases as full-featured or
well-polished. Mac users have tools like Apple’s iMovie that are
very easy to use — though inflexible and decidedly unfriendly
to open formats like Ogg Theora. Professional and advanced amateur
users have quite a few options on Mac and Windows, depending on
what they’d like to achieve and how much they’re willing to

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