Elementary OS Beta Reviewed – Very Polished, Minor Niggles

[ Thanks to kiterunner for this link.

“I concede that I am a big fan of Elementary Project
and the goodies it brought to the Linux desktop eco system. I also
accept the fact that, reviewing a developer only preview of an
application and calling it “not ready yet” is kind of self
defeating. But the kind of expectations a project like Elementary
OS carries around makes it vulnerable to close scrutinisation at
every level. Consider this as one such *very* early Elementary OS

“Elementary Project – A Quick Introduction

“Elementary Project started off as a set of applications and
themes for the Ubuntu Linux distribution. Not any more though, it
is soon going to be released as a stand alone Linux based distro
called Jupiter OS. If you are a long time Ubuntu user and you don’t
know what Elementary Project is all about, well, that is rare. I
mean, a number of Elementary Project’s applications are now an
integral part of the lives of many hard core Ubuntu users like

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