Emulators.com: Pentium 4: In Depth

[ Thanks to Dennis Powell for this
link. ]

“According to Gateway’s web site, the Pentium 4 is “the most
powerful processor available for your PC”. Unfortunately for most
computer users, it’s simply not true.”

“Despite a huge pavilion at COMDEX Las Vegas last month, Intel
is almost mute when it comes to this “most powerful processor”.
Instead, Intel has been insulting the television viewer all through
this Christmas shopping season with blue guy commercial pimping an
almost 2 year old Pentium III processor instead of its new flagship
processor. Why? Could there be… problems?…”

“As Tom’s Hardware site documented last month, the Pentium 4
lost miserably against the AMD Athlon at MPEG4 video encoding. Only
after Intel engineers personally modified the code did the Pentium
4 suddenly win the benchmarks. A side effect of this is that the
benchmarks on the Athlon improved considerably as well, indicating
that the code was very poorly written in the first place.”

“However, this brings up the point again that Intel now expects
software developers to completely rewrite their code in order to
see performance gains on the Pentium 4. And we don’t all have the
luxury of having an Intel engineer showing up on our doorstep to
re-write our code for us. With thousands of Windows applications
out there, not to mention the growing number of Linux applications
out for the PC, and sadly out of date compiler tools, does Intel
seriously expect millions of computer code to be rewritten just for
the Pentium 4?”


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