Enemy Action


“Sometimes I buy tickets on the Internet. About a month ago, I
bought tickets to the footy. There are several options, but I
choose to get the tickets emailed to me as a PDF. I have no idea
what research the ticketing agencies do, but they obviously do not
include me in the profile of their typical user.

“I planned to go with a friend, Jeremy, who supports the
opposition team. Jeremy is in paid employment, whereas I am
currently “between engagements”. He intended to ride his bicycle to
the stadium; I would take the train. I agreed to meet Jeremy inside
the stadium.

“But I’ve still got to get him his ticket.

“Sometimes the tickets come as separate PDF files, but this time
they were both in a single PDF. I struggled mindlessly for some
time and eventually sent Jeremy a 6.5 MB .ppm! Fortunately, it
gzipped very nicely and the email was less than 350 KB.